Ok I have what I thought was a miller bluestar 2e but from a bit of reading could be a 1e it has the kohler engine so I bout 2 of these VERY inexpensive and through a bit looking over the schematic got it running, welding great and producing power awesome..used it for some time on various different jobs very reliable machine ..the problem is that I did something very ignorant with it in desperation,the power went out at my house and I tried to wire 120 to each leg of my service panel at my house with the main breaker off and the machine and my old house wiring did not like each other ... now the machine will only produce 120v as I turn the ignition on the welder to the off position and the engine is trying to die .. so if i leave the grinder plugged in to the duplex plug hold the switch on the grinder it spins very slow if i keep holding the switch and simultaneously turn the ignition off the grinder takes off and i get 120v. As the welder is trying to die .. any ideas ? is this a good sign that there is no serious damage to the windings?