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    Re: Lincoln 180 Dual 220v proprietary pin connector

    Quote Originally Posted by Sberry View Post
    I need to apologize to Daniel for being rude.
    There are a lot of brainstorms, I have had them too but the concept I am pursuing is that if a guy removes something it might need to be replaced. So many more things are interdependent. I wanna say plug it in like it's designed before adding a bunch of gizmos, it's why they didn't add more stuff to production air compressors and industrial units. It's ok to add some stuff if one considers to protect it sometimes in ways us novices don't fully consider.
    Come on man you/we are all good. We all tinker and do things we shouldn't probably do. I accept your point of view which is also a valid one.

    Both the Lincoln and Miller(I have a Multimatic 200, great little machine) dual volt machines are different than average type of wiring and it would be really easy to smoke your machine trying to save money. With a schematic you can study and understand what they have done and how it works exactly getting it powered up with off the shelf bulk cord and plugs is doable although most definitely out of most DIY'ers league to attempt unless electrical is a strong point. You don't have to be a electrician to study learn understand and do something but when the risks start to outweigh the benefits a special factory cord is a bargain when it attaches in 30 seconds and weld.

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    Re: Lincoln 180 Dual 220v proprietary pin connector

    there are line voltage reconnect jumpers inside the multi pin plug. changing the 115 volt plug to a 230 volt plug will smoke the welder. Because the welder is still wired for 115 volts when 230 volts is applied. it will kill the control pcb and the cooling fan motor.
    To change a 115 volt cord to a 230 volt cord, the jumpers have to be moved.
    This welder in NOT a auto line reconnect machine. Have received welder to my shop for this problem.

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