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    Re: Eastwood vs Horrible Freight Horizontal Bandsaw

    here are two pictures.Name:  Picture2.jpg
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    Re: Eastwood vs Horrible Freight Horizontal Bandsaw

    Quote Originally Posted by ShutterBug View Post
    Recommendations for blades? A lot of will I will be cutting is .120 wall square tube and flat bar.
    I've had very good luck with these, Olson blades, on onea my 3 tiawan HF saws its had the same blade on it for almost a year but thats the old 1987 saw I'm pretty much the primary user of that saw the other two usually get used by all 4 of the guys in the shop for everything from cutting 14 gauge square tube to one day I came in on a Sunday and onea the guys was carving up a railroad track into 20lb anvils he was Giving as x-mas presents ... he used the Ellise to cut the sections to length and he had all 3 HF saws each cutting the angle for the horn on an anvil each... quite the production.. told him to pitch in for a couple blades for the HF saws.. don't know if he ever did but all 3 saws were up and cutting 1/4" 2x2 Monday morning...


    I get em in packs of 3 but couldn't find that deal on Amazon when I searched

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