Thermal Dynamics PakMaster 100XL Plus service manual
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    Thermal Dynamics PakMaster 100XL Plus service manual

    I picked up a TD Pakmaster 100XL Plus on the cheap. Guy said it worked when it was hooked up to the CNC plasma table. Said his employer upgraded and he bought it from them. I don't know if the torch was trashed or if it stayed with the table, but he bought a brand new SL60 torch and the wiring adapter to mate to the machine. It doesn't work properly when I hooked up power to it. Short story long I downloaded the service manual #0-2785 and was chasing wires to make sure the torch wiring adapter was wired properly and there was a discrepancy in the manual diagram and my machine. I got to looking around and found that there are two different service manuals for that model number. The one I downloaded and manual #0-2814. I realized I had the wrong manual but then the project got put on the back burner. I am wanting to get it going but now can't find anywhere to download the 0-2814. Can anyone help me out finding it?

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    Re: Thermal Dynamics PakMaster 100XL Plus service manual

    The adapter to the 1 torch is very simple. A gas line, an amphenol and 2 trigger wires. Thermal / ESAB can email you the adapter install directions. It takes 2 minutes to do the upgrade. It basically hooks up the same as the original torch, It just doesn't use the Hi Freq wire which should be folded over and inserted in a heat sleeve. I think it's light blue. ( if my memory serves me )
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    Re: Thermal Dynamics PakMaster 100XL Plus service manual

    That wire is also your pilot arc wire. I would hook it up, and use the Thermal Dynamics 8-3440 Restrictor Pin
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