Service tips for SA 200
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    Service tips for SA 200

    As previously mentioned... never owned a welder before and trying to get familiar with the machine and the maintenance needed. I just started going over it and am referring to the manuals (pamphlets) that came with it. Would like to give it a good service.
    I can see fuel leaking at the carb and governor... is this just leaking gaskets or is there anything else I should consider?
    Also, I don't see any coolant in the rad... should I fill to the top or is there an certain level it should be at?

    Thanks for any help!
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    Re: Service tips for SA 200

    On the coolant level just fill it enough you can barely see it if you shake the machine. If you get it to full it will drip out the overflow tube up in the left hand corner (looking from the radiator end) of the battery box. Makes an awesome mess.
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    Re: Service tips for SA 200

    You can add a over flow tank, like newer trucks have. My shorthood the radiator is not presiurized so no need for a tank. But did add a PCV to it, to minimize the leaks. Have been using Permatex The Right Stuff on gaskets, to reduce oil leaks.
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