The newest issue of Welding magazine is available on-line at

Sometimes getting an issue out seems like it's the monthly miracle, but this issue was a lot easier than most.
We do a lot of talking in the issue about what you need to do to "tune-up" your shop, and the easy, inexpensive steps you can take to make your operations more efficient and profitable.
We have an article about the new safety regulations on hexavalent chromium. Those regulations are going into effect for everyone in May, and it's likely that you'll have to do something -- especially if you weld stainless steel on a regular basis -- to adjust to them.
We also have our annual directory for welding schools and, before you pick up the phone and tell me that we've missed the school nearest to you, let me say that we know we can only get a few of the schools into print. We have a more complete list on our web site at If you don't find your favorite school there, call or drop an email to me. I'll get it posted as soon as I can.