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Thread: Metabo 8-125 Quick. Missing parts needed ASAP!

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    Metabo 8-125 Quick. Missing parts needed ASAP!

    I own a Metabo 8-125 Quick 5 inch angle grinder.

    I just realized I lost the spindle flange and nut which clamps the wheels on.

    I'm not sure exactly what the parts are called. The spindle is 5/8-11 and is bare. No backing washer for the grinding wheels or nut which tightens the wheel on.

    Does anyone know a part number or technical name for the parts I'm missing?

    This grinder is my most used tool. I need to locate the spare parts as soon as I can.

    If anyone knows of a good place to find the parts, please let me know!

    Thank you!!

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    Re: Metabo 8-125 Quick. Missing parts needed ASAP!

    Right now you can simply use the grinding wheels with the attached nuts, even if you have to use 4 1/2" wheels. HomeDepot or Lowes sells a backing washer designed for the thin slitting wheels and diamond cutting wheels. I don't remember them selling the nuts however. In a pinch I've used a standard 5/8" nut and washer to hold the big diamond cup wheel on our 7" grinder. A thin nut would work better, but we couldn't find one right then for that job.

    Also looks like Depot might sell the nut and spanner for a Milwaukee that would work.

    As far as parts I pick up mine from the local Dewalt repair place. A quick search pulled up one online supplier for parts. Nut and washer should be compatible because they are the same 5/8" thread. Part # 21 & # 22 in the drawing.

    Bet you can find an online supplier for Metabo also. My tool guy can also order me anything I need from Metabo if I want.

    I'd pick up 2 if I was you and tuck the spare away where you can find it. I've got a drawer in the garage full of "grinding" parts, and keep my spares in there along with the diamond wheels, wire cup brushes and things like that I don't need everyday.
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    Re: Metabo 8-125 Quick. Missing parts needed ASAP!

    If you're not going to get something over nighted, I've also found supply houses that serve the granite slab fabricators and carry Metabo have these parts in stock. Metabo's are great for polishing stone and the arbor nuts rust when polishing with water.

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