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Thread: Sa 200 wiring diagram. Magneto help

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    Sa 200 wiring diagram. Magneto help

    Iím rewiring a sa 200. Blackface. With amp meter. What size wire would be good to use for the whole wiring system. And my mag is heating up. What does that mean? It wonít turn over. It tried but seems to have no spark. The wire running from mag to switch is hot. And I wanna bypass the amp meter because the needle is broken. Anyone have a good clear diagram that would help? I need the machine running by tomorrow.

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    Re: Sa 200 wiring diagram. Magneto help

    Wire from the magneto to run/stop switch should not have power on it.
    It is a ground to stop the magneto from making spark. (kill switch)
    switch open is run, closed is stop.
    The amp meter is a series device. So jumper the terminals together will bypass it.
    Or just leave it alone, unless it is open, it won't cause any problems.
    Should only be in the battery charger circuit.
    The engine magneto does not require any battery voltage to operate.
    Stay with the original size wire when replacing it.
    To get you need the code number of the welder. If not on the serial number plate it might be stamped on the stator can.
    Call Lincoln in the morning with the code number and ask for a new diagram to be sent to you.

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