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Thread: Long term review: LP 50D

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    Long term review: LP 50D

    Was on the forum so I thought I'd drop by and tell 'ya how it's been working.
    My cutter arrived Oct 15 2008. I already had a GOOD quality air filter so I hooked her up and started cutting.
    It's been used quite a bit in the last year and a half.....darn near every weekend. Have done some really big projects with the machine. Lots of 3/8 plate and even some 5/8. I'm certain this thing has cut hundreds of feet by now, and I have not had 1 problem. Not one.
    I run clean, dry air and am very careful about the duty cycle. In short, I am EXTREMELY happy with my purchase. I was very hesitant, due to the things you read about Chinese machines. Glad I ignored most of it.

    In short...a lot of hard use.....18 months of duty. Zero problems.
    Knowing what I have learned cutting so much...I just wish the thing came with a 50 amp torch rather than the 60. I think the 50 amp torch is better suited to a 50 amp machine. The cuts are a bit more precise.

    Hats off to Longevity for putting out a machine that the weekend hobbyist can rely on!

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    Re: Long term review: LP 50D


    Thanks for sharing your experience and for the update. I think most on here would like to see how the units hold up a year or more from th date of purchase.

    As far as the 50amp torch, I agree. We switched back to 50amp torches on the 50amp units as we found they produced better cutting quality. What we can do is offer you a 50amp torch. Give us a call!
    Phone: 877-566-4462

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