Hey guys, My names JT I'm 31, I've been welding for 10 years. Graduated from MWI in 2004, and since then I've been all over the country, doing all different types of welding. For the past couple years I've been working the gas fields fields of PA (6010/8010), and fabbing equip. for the rigs. I'm hoping maybe someone can help me out, before I run my machine down to Scranton and get shafted by the repair shop. I installed a remote in my Lincoln Classic 300D and after using it for an hour or so the machine shut off, I looked inside and noticed that one of the two hour meter wires had touched the other, so I remedied the issue and it started and ran fine. It wasn't until a week or so when the battery went dead that I realized there was a problem,..it won't charge. I replaced the batt and the alt, and the power still wont circulate, and the hour meter isn't ticking over either. I'm hoping it could be a simple fuse, but I checked everything I could and found nothing, I'm assuming at this point, its the PC board. Oh and btw, I did check to see if the meter was shot, and that wasn't the issue. THANKS!