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Thread: Hobart tigwave 250

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    Hobart tigwave 250

    About 10 days ago i picked up a nice clean tigwave 250 w/foot pedal from a community college ($800) it had been used mostly for stick welding. It had one problem with it that i have fixed. Amperage seemed to stay at minimum until knob was cranked up to the max. At max setting it gave max output. Turned out the 10k ohm potentiometer for amp setting was bad. Ordered a new one and it all seems to work well.

    One other issue, maybe , is that the big ac,dc-,dc+ switch is very hard to operate. With the side of the machine open and operating the switch the screws that hold the handle on seem to bend more than i like. Considering taking the switch apart to see whats up with it. Anybody got any experience with this?

    Very excited to finally have a real tig welder finally.
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    Re: Hobart tigwave 250

    If you force the handle the hub inside the switch will break.
    Just mark everything and take pictures so you can put it back together right.
    Take the handle off then the snap ring. may have to move some wires out of the way.
    Inside each switch you will find three contact assemblies and the hub.
    You can leave the contact assemblies on the switch. mark where you found them.
    Clean around them. then move one by one and clean under them.
    Use non-conductive grease and put a thin coat on all the contacts.
    a little dab on the detent spring balls and assemble the switch.
    I have posted somewhere here pictures of the switch apart.
    Might want to look for it.
    Before greasing make sure to polish and rough places on the contacts.

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