I am new to the forum. I have limited knowledge of welder and how it works.

I have a Bobcat welder Serial #KC210110. Out of the blue I lost AC weld output and have little DC weld output, not enough to burn any rod. The AC receptacles are putting out 110 and 220 volts and pull a good load when you something plugged into the welder.

I have checked and clean all connections, slip rings and brushes. I did find the copper wire on one of the brushes broken and replaced the brush but it didn't help. The corn cob resistor it hot to the touch. Not sure if that is normal? I checked some of the voltages and I'm trying to validate them to see if they are correct.
lead #8 going to the polarity switch has 54 volts. Lead #9 going to the AC-Z has 12 volts. The other lead coming off the field going to the range switch has 23 volts.

Do the above reading look correct? I would appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks!