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I remember welding a wrought iron fence - some 1600 welds attaching 1/2" square tubing to 1" square cross supports. I tried it with 1/16 6011 and 7018, and they were so wiggly and bouncy, it was hopeless. I ended up just using NR-211. Worked fine.

So just what kind of welding is 1/16" 6011 good for?
Weldorz. 1/16 6011 is bad to the bone for tacking the corners on 1x1 or 2 x 2 inch 16 ga. posts on 100-1000 feet of fence.(6010 in a proper DC) then ? Go after it with a good 6013 or 7014 in 3/32.Lean it over and pull fast. Stick like MIG as I call it....70-80 amps...straight pull.....blow the flux away from you