I'm an old guy in central fla,with very limited welding know how.I've joined this forum to learn more about welding and to ask questions of the members who have more experience than me!! Years ago I built a welder using a jeep engine and a aircraft generator.I now have a miller 225 thunderbolt,a HF flux welder.But the main reason I've joined is I have now picked an old Hobart g-231 and am trying to restore it.I've got the engine running pretty good and have moved on to the welding side.The insulators on the ballast resistor are mostly broken and gone.Only 3 out of the 9 are ok.My question is I'm thinking of suspending the ballast resistor,with no insulators,just letting it hang,but am concerned that under load it might sag into the coil winding?? anybody have any advice?