I've gotten an old hobart g-213 and plan on re-storing it.I've got the wisconsin 2 cylinder engine running pretty good,had to put some points and condensor in the magneto and go thru the carb.I've moved on now to the welding side,it's got a burnt open in the fine adjustment rheostat.I soldier a wire across the bad spot,reduced my adjustment from 8.25 to around 4 ohms.Right now I've got the ballast resistor removed as it had only 3 of the 9 insulators still inside,the rest are just pieces. I know these insulators are none existing anymore,so I'm trying to come up with a solutlion.I was thinking of maybe suspending the coil from maybe an insulator and letting the whole unit just hang without any internal insulators.But I'm concerned that under a welding load the heat might make the coil winding sag into each other and short out!Anybody out there who might have some solutions or ideas about this problem? I've even thought of buying some kind of porcelain strips t put between each coil link.