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Thread: For Sale Sundstrand static balancer and mandrel

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    For Sale Sundstrand static balancer and mandrel

    I have for sale a Sundstrand static balancer . The capacity is 18" between balance wheels and will swing 21" diameter . The mandrel is one and a half inches in diameter and I have 2 aluminum cones and 4 steel cones to adapt it to larger hole sizes for balancing. The Sundstrand balancer is and has been the industry standard for many years. It would be easy for a welder/ fabricator to fab some longer legs to adapt it to swing larger diameters if needed.

    I can not post pics on here but I can text or email pics on request. I have balanced several thing on this over the years but now that I am retired it will sit unused so I am hopping to find someone who knows a quality tool when they see it.

    $400 plus shipping . The parts are heavy so shipping will be significant , probably somewhere in the $80 range.

    I believe the one I have is equivalent to the BT10 on the page posted below. I used it mainly to balance blower rotating assemblies for a local saw mill after I would rebuild them. I will say it is best used on lower speed assemblies . Some blowers would rotate at 2000+ rpms and I would have to rebalance with a dynamic balancer to get them perfectly smooth. The static balancer is ussually good p to around 1000rpm if done correctly. It is also an essential part of balancing a faster assembly because they need to be static balanced first so they are close enough to run them full speed without self destructing.

    PS; I will be selling the dynamic balancer in the near future also but it is not a tool for the weekend warrior . This is a field dynamic balancer that can be used on any machine with a rotating assembly you can think of from an airplane propeller to a line shaft with multiple bearings. I self taught myself how to use it with many hrs in books that will go with the balancer but to be good at using it you need to use it frequently or you lose it, unless you have a photgraphic memory. There is good money to be made if you master the tool and market it right.
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