Howdy mates,
Promised to up some more stuff I fumbled together so here we go again..

Name:  001_D-rool.jpg
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Starting out with the important details, D-rool...

Name:  002_scientist robe.jpg
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Cut some bigass angle-tubing and changed the angles of attack to fumble, I mean, model together something that pherhaps could be passed as a scientist robe.

Name:  004_outline head.jpg
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Outline of the face/head

Name:  003_unibrow.jpg
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The vip unibrow

Name:  005_shoes and robe.jpg
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Heres a cap of the cape, notice the shoe.
Going proper scale and original model of shoes did just simply not look good, so I continued with my freedom of interpretations and tried to do something that would work and be pleasing to the eye.

more will follow