We have some TIG welding processes which could be done without adding material using pulsed mode with no filler rod. I made some tests producing a very nice weld bead but most importantly, the operator is less tired, me. The welded material is 5052-H34 aluminum. Always a 2mm sheet welded with a 1.5mm sheet, butt-joint, corner-joint and overlap configurations.

Question: Is there a risk of cracking occurring while using our product with this autogenous welding method?

The welded parts are offroad motorcycle panniers (side cases).

Until today using primarily 4043 and more recently 5356, no cracking problems have ever occurred.
I weld these boxes all day 6 days a week. Earlier this month I reached the mark of 1000 boxes.
Autogenous welding would be a less stressful way of doing this work, if there is no compromise to our product, of course.

Thanks all.

A box picture bellow (using filler rod)...

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