Id like to use a 30A Spoolmatic on a new welder and have been told by a rep that you need to use a WC24 interface box. The box is needed to both adapt the connectors and also to allow the spoolmatic drive rolls to work blah bla...
But I see that the Spoolmate 100 and Spoolmate 150 are direct hook up to this machine. So this makes me wonder if you can swap the stock connector on the 30A Spoolmatic with the newer style? If the machine can operate A spool gun from the current stock connector on the machine then why the need for the WC24 interface? Cash grab or a necessity?

A wiring diagram for the connector on the 220 AC/DC and also a diagram for the Spoolmatic 30A would help if this is possible

Trying to save $400 if possible

Any thoughts?