Howdy mates,

I thought about showing you one of the bazillion projects before finished, I usually don't do this because I have bad experiences from people seeing half finished art.
However I trust you mates since you are in the metalwork-world and can see where things are going.
Rarely get stuck frozen in projects but this is one of the rare exceptions I could not find any workaround the obstacles.

My idea was to make a trilogy of robots with those old b/w style horror movies and the themes at the time.
The plan was to lift the "Nature strikes back" to the top layer, than layer down references and messages underneath that top layer.

I sketched on three different robots that would take shape in a cartoony comfy shape mixed with horror slash silly take-on.
First would be the Oceans (Water) striking back through a "scary" robot driven by sea-creatures angry at pollution of the Oceans that is what covers mostly of our common globe.
Second would be the rain forest striking back with another badass robot driven by rainforest-animals such as parrots, meat-eating plants asf (Heck I have a half finished electronic parrot that recognizes certain words and actually answers those)
asf, you get the pic, sorry for babbling away mates.

First draft a b/w sketch and then a quick colored alter ego (Plz notice I like to undersell the idea as it makes a better impression when people see the finished fumbling togethered)
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The notes on the b/w side is in Swedish as you might've guessed saying,
Redstripade glass bulbs on back (them 7 things sticking out on back) waterfilled and airbubblepumps?
Head or not head (Shakespear), that would be some cyborg-ey metal shell crab - IF SO - I think the viewer might search more if I skip the head?
Theres a silly weapon like a "piranha-launcher" that slingshots piranhas at the enemys, I thought I'd have a see through loading tube/magazine where some pissed off piranhas are interlazed with some piranhaskeletons that been stored beyond best before date.
Some notes about the legs and waist shape/details
Some notes about ideas for feets
Theres a sketch low right of b/w photo with notes about traps against humans and baits such as money, pc, cellphones, televisions
and a sample of a "bear-trap" only with fake boobs in metal brassiere making it a "Booby-trap" (Dunno, maybe thats been made?)

Right pic is a simplified quick colorized sketch of an overall idea, it made me decide on roundish feets.
Tried to undersell in usual order.
I wanted to incorporate and mix different materials such as S/S, copper, brass
Really wanted a diver helmet in brass style as shoulder light (think predators shoulder gun) with a weird skeletized skull and a glow fish inside if that makes any sense.

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Better pic with less lamp glares/reflexes

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Coffee-pan = pissed off piranha

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Not close to finished, neet to fatten upp the teeths and put some detail in it

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These quarter bends S/S was tight getting with empty pockets, way to thick material which worried me with reasons in perspective