I've operated dozen of different wire feeders - up to 750 amps.

Maybe I have been lucky - but I have never suffered a power supply failure - every
feed problem was in setup - not power or motor.

Distant setup diagnoses is like describing a color over the phone. Even identical
machines have individual idiosyncrasies. I would seek a setup-survey from the most
experienced welder in your network, before fixing something that isn't broken.


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. . . it has a setting called r-in and I cant seem to figure out its
purpose can someone help describe it or what it does? . . .
Think of Run-In as a wire speed Granny Gear. Typically when you pull the trigger - the
wire speeds at welding feed rate.

If the wire is balled, and/or you have heavy mill scale - often the arc will not initiate -
jam the wire, resulting with the wire fusing to the contact tip, or a bird-nest.

Run-In allows reduction [adjustment] of wire speed so the arc initiates before jamming.
The Run-In circuit senses initiation and automatically switches-up to weld feed rate.

Tech Tip: At weld termination - release the trigger without pulling the gun away - this
will leave the wire in the best condition, and best length, you can attain without a Burn
Back circuit.

hth -