Hello All,

purchased a used Migmaster 250 ESAB. MM-250 Model Number. Serial Number MA1725262. I've bought a new gun and new tank.

The gas is not working (shown at Flowmeter and shown by poor weld). I've removed the Solenoid Valve but I've figured out the solenoid is reading 0 volts (using a multimeter with the trigger pulled). The Solenoid is testing 24 OHMS.

Using the User Manual I've found online, I've figured out there's no power going from the Wire feed Control PCB Board from the blue wire. I took a gamble buying the welder and it does weld (but gas does not work), but I am nervous to start throwing expen$ive parts at it to further gamble if it will work.

Thinking the Wire Feed Control board may be faulty (my wirefeed motor wasn't working for a bit either, now fine after I cleaned up all the connections), but any other suggestions on things to check before guessing?

I highlighted areas of the wiring diagram that I've checked power with the trigger engaged (mostly blue wire that I have starred): Positive solenoid Lead (0 volts), pcb wire feed control (0 Volts), spool selector switch (0 Volts). All areas I made sure to have a good ground connection. Any suggestions?

Thank you,
Trevor Deck
Fox Lake, IL

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