I've been trying to find a run-in control kit, Miller part number 193 391, and a pre/post flow control kit, Miller part number 186 496, for a while now. It appears that these parts have been discontinued by Miller, and they apparently didn't have any excess inventory to transfer to Vintage Parts. I've looked online at various sources, and even have placed an order for the pre/post flow control, only to get a cancellation email a few days later stating it had been discontinued.

If anyone has these parts, or even a 22A or 24A from which they could be removed, please let me know. It could be said that I'm trying to turn a 22A into something like a 74DX, and it might be easier just to buy one. I may very well do something like that in the future, but I'd like to work with the one I have for now, if I can find the parts.

Thank you,