Hi WW - Long time listener, first time poster here. I'm strictly hobbyist doing most of my work on my / for my '89 Land Cruiser - also a little art on the side for the wife..which I am hoping to use as a "reason" to justify a Plasma Cutter - it's for you babe, not me

Found a 380 locally for sale on Craigslist, posting says gently used, I'm hoping to go out and check out / test the unit out. I've poked around here, read the different posts from everyone (including the man himself Jim Colt) and I know the 380 is an older technology 27A unit, torch parts are still available, but power supply parts are no longer available.

I know the consistent advice here says save and afford a newer/better model (like a 30/30XP or 45) - but I gotta be realistic with my immediate needs and finances (2 kids).

Asking what folks think is a fair asking price if the unit is as described by the seller.

Thanks in advance for the advice/direction.