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Thread: Invertec V160-T Pulse PC Board Issue

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    Invertec V160-T Pulse PC Board Issue

    Hello all, so I have a Invertec V160-T Pulse tig/stick welder. the problem I am having is the argon continuously flows out of the nozzle even with the machine off. after talking to the Lincoln tech support and trying their troubleshooting suggestions, they think the power control board is malfunctioning and will need replacement. I guess itís a common problem with these machines. If I were to get a new PC board itís about $1100+ which is wayyyy out of my budget currently.

    Iíve looked on eBay and I havenít had any luck finding one for any less than the new price, Iíve heard of people with this problem putting some sort of foot-switch to control the gas flow problem. It doesnít sound like a real smart idea if something were to short circuit and fry the welder.

    My question is, Has anyone else run into this issue? What were your solutions? Any ideas will help. Thanks a lot! - Otis

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    Re: Invertec V160-T Pulse PC Board Issue

    I guess you could just go with a new torch with the gas valve. $80 on ebay.
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    Re: Invertec V160-T Pulse PC Board Issue

    Gas flow with machine powered OFF. Is a gas valve stuck open. You might just need a new valve.
    Get a volt meter and measure the voltage to the gas valve. With line switch off there should be no power to the valve and the valve should be closed. If there is power to the valve when the line switch is OFF There is a pcb failure.
    Try unplugging the welder from the wall and see if gas stops.If it doesn't stop, valve is bad.
    You might try powering the valve on and blowing air backwards through the valve. small chance this will fix it.
    What is the code number on the welder. Might be able to look more detailed information on your welder.
    There are several versions of this welder. Not having the code number or a picture of the front panel. I can only go so far.
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