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Thread: Linde V 160 works sort of.. (problems)

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    Linde V 160 works sort of.. (problems)

    Recently I just got an early 80s Linde V160 welder from a friend and just today I got it to work, sort of... Originally it would just spool out wire and not weld. I figured out the problem to be a stuck/dirty relay on the control board which wasn't sending power to the contactor. I cleaned the relay contacts and got the welder to arch. The problem now is that the heat selector switch doesn't work on setting 3 but works on all other settings 1-7. Can this switch be cleaned or where could I find a replacement? Thanks for any advice you have!
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    Re: Linde V 160 works sort of.. (problems)

    I remember these 160's. No fan. Yours still has the UC mig gun on it. Pretty rare these days.. These were notorious for popping the spot stitch, fine control board and they were obsolete way back when. I think the board is still available as a trade in at Inovat corp. I can't help with the switch but that is an interesting welder. Most body shops had them back in the day.
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    Re: Linde V 160 works sort of.. (problems)

    Did you come up with a fix? I have linde 160 that has suddenly started stuttering, like it is stuck on 'stitch.'. I've replaced the liner and the ground wire...welder was working great up until this.
    Thanks for any advice!

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