I have had the unit for several years and only used the plasma cutting function. Recently, I needed to use the stick welder on my tractor. I'm a complete beginner with stick. I managed to burn through half a rod before it died. I now get nothing to work. I was running the machine on a generator and stopped for a second to grind off one of my many mistakes. The grinder was also running off the same generator. The generator came under a heavier load for a few seconds as I was grinding. But did not trip any breakers. I went back to the Longevity and the display was blank. I tried every function and nothing worked. The translucent power button on the back is illuminated and I confirmed it was getting power with a multi-meter.

Emailed Longevity for help and any documents they still have. I was told they could send the wiring diagram and I qualified for 15% off purchase of new unit. But otherwise, no help. Still have not received wiring diagram.

I haven't found much information about this unit and I'm trying to figure out if I can repair it or just need to cut my losses.