Hello I have an old Hobart GR-303 that I'm trying to get going. I have it cranking and running like a top! It will manually idle up and down fine but I have no power at the lead outputs or the 110 plug. Well I have exactly 1.4 volts steady at the 110 plug if you want to count that as power. I have done some research and understand it's supposed to have a built in system that flashes the generator and gets everything going. Remember I am a welder not and electrical/electronic guru so if I get the wording or terminology wrong please overlook it. So my question right now is this that device (I could find where to upload the pics directly here so click under my profile and look in the albums and you'll see them)? If so how do I test the little black thing at the bottom bc the fuse is good. If it isn't are one of the other 2 devices in the second picture it? I've checked all the fuses and they are good. Thanks in advance..... Dale