Hi Everybody! I'm done with a huge job I was on, and while there, I accumulated more equipment than I actually need moving forward. This stuff is taking up too much room! It has all been stored in a dehumidified shop. I don't leave my stuff outside to rust. So see if there isn't something here you can't live without.

In the coming days I'll be adding pictures and probably some additional items as I clean out the business a little bit.

This stuff is all in Dayton, VA (zip 22821). I'm not interested in shipping it. I can load these with a forklift onsite at no additional cost. Terms are cash only. No other payment options accepted. If you're a business, I'll write you a receipt / bill of sale for your tax records.

1) I have three Trailblazer 325 EFI with Excel Power welders. Being only one guy, with only two hands, that leaves me with at least one welder too many. I always use Mobil 1 synthetic 10W30 in these machines, changed at the 100 hr interval, and I run ethanol-free fuel in them. They all run great, so I don't care which one sells. They each come with a Miller cover. First person here with cash gets their pick of the three, and I'll keep the remaining two.

-Just FYI, the current Trailblazer 325 with EFI and Excel Power goes for $7,152 on Miller's website as well as Cyberweld, etc.

-The first is the 325 that I bought used a few years ago, when I started upgrading from my TB302's. It had sat in the back of a pickup truck being used for pipe work, and thus accumulated scratches, dings, etc. It's a good running machine that doesn't use oil. This one is from 2013 I believe, before the updated Kohler fuel pumps were installed in them, and every now and then on a hot day it'll vapor lock if you let it idle for a long time or if you shut it down and it heat soaks before you restart it. This is cured by opening up the covers and letting it cool off for 10 minutes while you sit in the shade and drink a Dr. Pepper. It'll start up and run normally after that. I'll check it's hours when I'm out at the shop next. $3800 firm.

-The second is a 325 that I bought used the year before last with 50 hours on it. As with the other one, I'll get exact hours when I get to the shop next. It's in excellent shape and runs as it should. This is a much newer machine and I've had no vapor lock issues. Low hours, just a couple hundred I think. Great machine. $5,000 firm.

-The third one is a 325 that I bought new just a month *before* I bought the one above. Once I found the one above, this one sat covered in reserve on a Battery Tender. I fueled and ran it last month on a small job just to be sure it was fine, which it is. Runs great and welds great. Very low hours, less than 10 I bet. I'll have an exact number when I get to the shop. This is a new machine with cover. $6,200 firm.

2. Lincoln SAE-400 with International C263 Inline 6 Gas Engine. Running machine, bought it and then ended up not needing it. It has sat in my dehumidified shop without being started for several years now. I expect it'll start right up with a jump, but I'll need to double-check that and get pictures etc. Bought this for $900 years ago and drove to NY to get it. So figuring in the fuel and time I spent, $1200 firm for this is where I'm at.

3. Monarch Model A Lathe. Made in the 1920's, flat-belt converted to electric drive. 16" swing, long bed. Bought this for $750 a few hours away, thought I'd get into machining, never did. It runs on 220V single phase, can demonstrate under power. Has limited tooling with it and I'll get pics of all of that. $750 firm.

4. Piranha P90 Ironworker. 90-ton machine. It's a horse, specs are online. Weighs around 6k lbs. Bought used for my last job and lived there running on 480 3-phase, can probably be rewired for 220V 3-phase which is what my phase converter is. If that's the case, I can show it to you under power. Otherwise you'll have to take my word for it. Comes with an OSHA-mandated punch station shield and a brake setup which can replace the punch station. Shears, punches, bends. Foot pedal or joystick operated. I have a few punches and dies but not many; it was mainly used as a shear in it's previous life and that's what I used it for as well. Leaks a little hydraulic oil; I haven't tried to find the leak. $15,000.

There will probably be some more stuff as I think of it, and pics and additional details on these pieces are coming. You can reply to this thread or PM me with questions or interest.