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Thread: XMT 300 CC/CV Technical Manual

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    XMT 300 CC/CV Technical Manual

    Trying to find where I can purchase or procure a technical manual for an XMT 300 with a serial number starting with KA8931##. I have looked through a couple of the owners manuals and an XMT 304 tech manual (provided some insight on the operation) but was hoping to get one for my machine. Basically the machine is not worth taking in for repair and I don't want to keep bugging folks on the forums if I don't have to. I've checked the power coming in and and tested the main diodes and check the capacitors for shorts. It seems like the board is either not sending a signal to output power or the contractor circuit is not functioning. I believe its the board but want to be sure its not something simple. The unit powers up and displays and was running with weak output, replaced the switches up front and that fixed the weak output, then i was tracking down stray voltage on the CT as it was displaying current reading when it should be showing preset, while tracing this after a couple of power cycles the unit stopped outputting power (no longer buzzed when put into contactor on mode and no voltage at the outputerminals). If anyone can help me out with a tech manual for this unit or point me in the direction of where I can find or purchase one It would be much appreciated!

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    Re: XMT 300 CC/CV Technical Manual

    Look through this manual and note near the beginning some electrical components were changed. The XMT 300's were known for problems and often not cost effective to repair. Yours is an early model so some parts may be obsolete. I didn't see a technical manual for an early serial number like yours. You could try Miller. The XMT 300 is basically a blue Powcon.

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    Re: XMT 300 CC/CV Technical Manual

    If I am not mistaken, all parts for the XMT300 except the small toggle switches are obsolete from Miller.
    There are two IGBT blocks, one on each side. the gate leads for each plug in on the edge of the pcb. opposite sides. check around the sockets you should see a bunch of glass diodes. Set test meter to diode test and check for shorted diodes.
    If any are shorted, the control pcb and both IGBT blocks have to be replaced.
    Good luck finding parts. most units were 230/460 volt units. they start out in 460 mode and if it senses low voltage it sends voltage to the relink contactor and it reconnects for 230 volts. should be the contactor by the rear panel with a piggy back switch on top. The coil on this contactor is known to short out at damage the small pcb next to it. if the coil burnt open with out damaging the pcb then it won't relink.
    Miller will no longer let us hand out tech manuals. they are now under a propriety lock down agreement we have to agree to in order to down load one for out use. Plus in the very near future only techs who have completed their on line training will be allowed to view them.
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