Owners seeking copies of manuals can download PDF copies here on our site. https://www.everlastgenerators.com/product-manuals
They've been posted and updated on our site for years, but it seems people still have a hard time following them.

For current units, and to easily find the manuals, navigate to the detailed product page (under the see details tab on some pages).
Or for current and past units, with a list, navigate to the "Manuals" tab in the gray bar at the top of the page, where you will find a list, by category for your welder. Look for the approximate date of your unit. Exact manufacturing date can be found by looking on the side or rear of your unit. There are a tested and inspected date on a yellow or white sticker. These are essentially the manufactured date of your unit. These dates are usually posted with month first, followed by day of month, then year.

The manuals are listed through approximate model changeover date here in the US. Though these are not by exact day, sometimes there are slight overlaps and differences in date sold and date manufactured, so keep that in mind.

Serial numbers do have significance internally, but each model doesn't carry its own serial number series. Keep and record the serial number for your records, and have it handy to refer to if needed when referring to tech support and exact model breaks.

Any manuals not found on the site, contact Everlast direct. There should only be one or two older manuals not listed on the site. Some Pre 2008 manuals are not listed. Keep in mind that in some older series, manuals for similar models are combined into one. So be sure to read the title completely.