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Thread: Tig welding aluminum air line/piping

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    Tig welding aluminum air line/piping

    Hello all ,

    Ua local 10 welder/fitter .

    I have a job coming up . 700 ft of sch 40 2 inch , 1 inch welded aluminum air line . Most will be done in position. Tie ins eithier threaded or out of position is minimal ..

    I'm pretty proficient with sch 5 /10 stainless and duplex , inconel , nickel , heavy wall steam tig and stick . But i havent welded aluminum in years , and to be honest not even sure I can cut the cheese. None of this will xray type stuff but it obviously needs to be quality for 200 psi of air.

    Any suggestions for anyone who has welded any socket type aluminum piping . Is there anything I can work on to help me.

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    Re: Tig welding aluminum air line/piping

    Most of my experience with the aluminum is on the bench. I weld sch40 sockets into sch 10 for pressure gauges, adding elbows, and bungs, mostly low pressure stuff. If you can do sch 10 stainless in position, I would think a little practice is all you'll need. I find doing the stainless sch 10 more challenging, aluminum seems more forgiving to me. Especially sch 40 socket welds, the 1" might be a little trickier because of the tight radius. Is this going to be TIG welding, and is it up in the air/ceiling ? After a little practice you'll be OK, when your almost finished you'll be great. Then you won't do one again for a couple of years.

    Best of luck

    ps post pic if you can, unless its a Navy/CG job or something where its not allowed.
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    Re: Tig welding aluminum air line/piping

    Do a some practice and get yourself tuned. YOU GOT THIS !!!

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    Re: Tig welding aluminum air line/piping

    Easy peasy. The machine will make a difference. My dynasty will eat it up. Aluminum out of position no big deal.
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