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Thread: LN-8 and K114 Squirt Gun SUBARC Welding

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    LN-8 and K114 Squirt Gun SUBARC Welding

    We have a DC600 power source and a LN8 feeder pushing 3/32" wire through a K114 SUBARC gun.
    We're having some issues with crappy welds due to varying arc length. The gun is clamped in fixture and the work is rotated on a positioner.
    I believe the feeder has to push way to hard to get the wire through the gun.
    Can anyone tell me how much force it should take to hand feed some 3/32" wire through the gun/hose/liner ?
    Can you do it by hand pushing or does it take a pair of visegrips clamped onto wire pushing with two hands?

    Just wondering!

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    Re: LN-8 and K114 Squirt Gun SUBARC Welding

    I think you should be able to push it by hand. I'm not sure if your gun has a replaceable liner but you could try blowing air through it. Being sub-arc I would guess it gets used a lot. If the drive rolls are a little tight (or lots of use) tiny bits of wire will flake off and can plug up the liner. Dry graphite spray in the liner could help too. A lot of flux-core wire has a graphite coating. That's why your hands get black when you handle it. Check the contact tip too and make sure there are no sharp bends in the gun cable.

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