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Thread: 210 MP Set-Up

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    210 MP Set-Up

    Hi folks-

    I'm a novice welder and getting set up with the Lincoln 210 MP. It's an amazing machine, but I've found a few holes in the instruction manual:

    -I've loaded .035 flux wire and getting good results, but I haven't seen any discussion on adjusting the feed tension. I've see the knob adjustment in the door, but not sure how to set it.
    There are some videos with people holding the end of the wire while feeding and using that as a guide, but is that safe with the trigger pulled?

    -Since I'm starting out with flux-core welding, how long should the wire be at the tip for a correct starting point?


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    Re: 210 MP Set-Up

    Flux core should be used with the flux core wheels. Usually knurled wheels and light tension at the wheel tension knob. Just enough to feed the wire.
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    Re: 210 MP Set-Up

    This is Hobart's manual for their 210.

    Scroll down to section 5-16. Threading Welding Wire

    They have a good guide for drive roll tension.

    and even further down they have some general welding guidelines.

    Good luck and come back with any other questions.

    Bernard's site offers this:

    "Additionally, setting the correct drive roll tension can prevent the wire from flattening and becoming tangled.
    To set the proper tension, begin by releasing the tension on the drive rolls.
    Increase the tension while feeding the wire into the palm of your welding glove and continue to increase the tension one half turn past wire slippage."

    more info on Fluxcore

    Contact Tip to Work Distance Fluxcore

    "As a general rule, the wire should extend no more than 1 1/4-in. beyond the contact tip."
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    Re: 210 MP Set-Up

    On stick out, start around one inch. Then depending on what the arc does.
    You either stay there or pull back or push in just a little.
    If the arc pulses and you have set the welder up by the chart or built in settings.
    push in slowly until arc stabilizes.
    If your stick out is to short, you can damage the tip and the weld will not get good gas coverage. Also flux core likes a higher weld voltage than what you might use with MIG wire. Higher weld voltage will allow the longer stick out.

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