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Thread: Generator 9000w to power ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic ?

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    Generator 9000w to power ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic ?

    I’m looking at the HF Preditor 9k genset to power the Rebel. I don’t understand how to figure out if the generator will have enough amps to power the Rebel at max output. Seems as though mig requires the most amps.

    So if the generator puts out 9000 watts of 240v power would I divide the 9000 by 240 to give me the max output amps of the generator.

    Example : max start up output 9000 / 240 = 37.5A ? Then normal running watts of 7250 / 240 = 30.20A

    Would that be how the amperage is determined when only the output wattage is given for a generator?

    Here is a couple of screen shots one of the Rebel Amp input requirements and one of the Generator I’m considering getting to use with the Rebel. Not sure if this 9k Preditor is a good enough genset to use with the Rebel. The price seems fair but not if it’ll cause problems with the Rebel.

    Edit: It looks like this genset might not be a good candidate based on the verbiage in the third image stating it does not come with an appropriate line conditioner and surge suppressor.

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    Here is a couple more images of the generator. It tells how to determine watts used by multiplying the voltage by the amps but not the other way around.

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