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Thread: Accuracy of article? Agree and confirm, or demystify and debunk? Welding Tips&Tricks

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    Accuracy of article? Agree and confirm, or demystify and debunk? Welding Tips&Tricks

    Do you agree with this article or not? If yes - why, if no - why?

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    Re: Accuracy of article? Agree and confirm, or demystify and debunk? Welding Tips&Tri

    Well there is certification, and then there is qualification to code. You can self qualify to code if you keep all of the test reports, films, and coupons for later audit. I send my coupons out to a test house or lab. Then I write the welder qualification reports and have a witness with welding knowledge sign off on them.

    I don't mess with certified welders. If they are on my payroll they re-qualify in my facility, on my machines, and under my scrutiny, with written reports.

    I just got done qualifying a set of six weld procedures for a structure. The report was 75 pages long, with bend tests, tensile tests, macro tests, and all of the lab samples are in my posession. Materials, lab work for macro and reduced section tension tests, and code books came to $5k.

    I myself working with the defense contractor got paid $10k for the test work, and since I was the weldor that welded the test samples, I am granted qualifications for all of the criteria, materials, joints, and positions. Way more difficult than a simple coupon welded and bend tested to someone else's qualified WPS.

    And then there are not test facilities around every corner. Certification means you are on a simple registry. You get a card that you can flash anywhere. Does not mean you can just get plugged into a job.

    Do I agree? Part yes, but not the fluff. Oversold in my opinion. I would rather see test results from a school.
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    Re: Accuracy of article? Agree and confirm, or demystify and debunk? Welding Tips&Tri

    Why are you asking about certifications when you're just learning to weld? I'm in Alberta which has pretty high standards for welding. You generally have to be an indentured apprentice or journeyman to work as a welder however ironworkers can pass a CWB test and do welding. Kind of dumb in my opinion. Structural welding requires certifications from the CWB. The certifications I'm most familiar with are for pressure welding. They have to be renewed every 2 years (used to be every 1-1/2 years). Some shops that have engineers can do in house certifications that are only good for that shop. You can also go to an approved ABSA facility to get certifications that are supposed to be good at any shop but most shops want you to do a job test anyway. If the shop isn't qualified to do in house certifications the ABSA test is required and most shops still want the job test done in their shop. There's a ton of different certifications. Good shops will pay for all the certifications which could add up to thousands of dollars. That's where in house certifications save money. Initial test is on 6" sch. 80 pipe in 5G/2G position. You can't get any other certifications until you have this one. Was just reading there is the option of doing a Tig root instead of a 6010 root. Most retesting is done on 2" double extra heavy pipe because it also gives you your small bore certifications. Then there's heavy wall certifications, Mig root certifications, Flux-core certifications, Tig certifications, etc. Different welding processes and different types of metals all require additional certifications. A friend of mine worked in a very large vessel shop and there was talk of lay-offs. He was concerned and went to the foreman. Foreman asked him how many tickets/certifications he had... 23. Foreman said he had nothing to worry about, some guys only have 4.
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