I have a no options installed syncrowave 351 in my home shop. It works great, and i've never had any problems with it. I've always (thought) that having a pulser option on the machine would be cool to have and make my welds on stainless headers nicer, and perhaps make aluminum welds nicer too. I'd love to have a dynasty welder but they're generally twice as much as a full blown 351 whenever I see them on craigslist or ebay. There is a 351 advertised on FB marketplace that is close. Its a complete system with cooler, torch, cart, extra welding rod and a large welding table, for 3400. I would have to sell my current system, or whatever I didn't use, as I don't need two welders.

So for those people have a pulser optioned 351, is the pulser worth the hassle of swapping and selling? I have seen the company jattus has an add on box that goes between the foot pedal and machine that provides that funcitonality. Has anyone used it? The reviews seem good but its hard to know if they're real comments from actual users.

Also, has anyone tried using the remote foot pedal miller setup with this machine? Their info on the foot pedal doesn't really want to acknowledge their older machines that they don't build/support anymore.

Thanks in advance for any comments!