Hello everyone my name is Nathan and im a 27 year old entry level welder. I am a returning welder. I took 2 years of marine trades vocational class at my high school and that was where i found welding. I got an internship for welding at a local welding warehouse where i live that is also one of the few places that is qualified to do aws certifications. So i went to their welding school did the internship did everything except overhead welding and osha certification. I did welding for my senior project my senior year of high school. Then i graduated in 2012 and went back later that year to retake the welding course as a regular student and did the overhead test and got my osha certification. But i didn't take it anywhere i decided i wasnt sure if i wanted to be a welder, not cause i don't like welding i actually really liked it and did really good with it, but just wasnt sure what i truly wanted to do at the time cause i was a big video gamer so i went my own way for a bit. Tried to get into video game design college but it was to expensive and then family problems arised and a lot of bouncing around happened for me so my life was crazy for a while and then it calmed down a bit these past several months. But opportunity is knocking at my door again for welding so im taking it. I have applied at General Dynamics Electric Boat. I have an interview at the end of this month. I have training in FCAW, SMAW, GMAW(pulse)in 3G vertical and 4G overhead, Regular GMAW 2G horizontal. And an introduction to GTAW, weld symbols, distortion control, oxy/fuel cutting, and carbon arc gouging.

I do have a slight problem though. Due to bouncing around my welding books have been lost over the 8 years about the different processes that the school gave me so im looking for a good book so i can read and refresh my memory on some of the stuff. I know i can go on amazon and buy some good books. But does anyone have any recommended books?