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Thread: Questions on a Hobart G-400

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    Questions on a Hobart G-400

    Hi All,
    I have a new to me 1976 Hobart G-400 with the Chrysler 225 slant 6 engine. When I first got the machine I pulled all the covers off the welder generator removed the mouse nests by the generator brushes. Freed up the ones that were stuck and reseated any that did not look seated correctly. I also checked the exciter brushes and freed up 1 brush spring that was stuck. So all the generator and exciter brushes are free. I got it running and It welds and runs good. After getting it running I cleaned and packed the rear bearing per the book.
    My first question is this when it is running there seems to be a lot of noise coming from that area. It is even worse with the cover on. I think that is due to it acting as an amplifier of the noise. Is this noise normal or is something wrong. 20 years ago I had a SA 200 and I don't remember it making any noise.
    My second question is do you run these welders with the covers down or do you keep them up when running. I think my SA 200 book said to keep them down. But I am not sure about Hobart.
    My 3rd question is what weight oil do you put in the governor.
    Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.
    Thanks Dave

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    Re: Questions on a Hobart G-400

    Is it brush whine you are hearing? maybe have to get an armature stone and clean up the armature. Far as running with the covers up or down the water temp. should be your guide altho if the carb wants to ice up after start up leave them down until it warms up. I would start with 30 weight oil in the govenor and see how fast it reacts.

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