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Thread: TIG remote DIY/ config ideas

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    TIG remote DIY/ config ideas

    Right now I'm playing with an ergonomically ~reasonable current and on/off switch setup, current on bottom (East/West knob) and switch on top seems to feel good.
    (Thumb on top/on off and finger can roll current if desired on bottom)

    Looks like most (all?) of the ones on the market try to do it with one control like a foot pedal.
    IMHO that's silly for a hand control setup, as at least I still have 4 fingers and a thumb on each hand.
    (Machinists might have issues with it >-) )

    This will allows remotely setting your current (OR roll up down) but also allows simple on/off with whatever current you set last w/o having to "find" it again.

    The only issue I have found is finding a really small SINGLE turn 2W pot I can make work for the Synchro too...
    (small OD 10 turns seem easier to find, but they would not allow fast ramp up/down, just precise remote current setting, which might work better anyway with the on/off being separate)

    Has anyone repaired (or just taken apart to look at) the Miller E/W control?
    Happen to recall the part# or manufacturer of the potentiometer?
    All the 2W single turn pots I have looked at so far are probably too large to be comfortable.
    (I'm ASSUMING Miller used a 2W as in the footpedals, if they used a 1W they are easier to source in small OD)
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