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Thread: NEW Service Provider Subforum

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    NEW Service Provider Subforum

    The Service Provider Subforum is a place where individuals can offer welding-related services. WeldingWeb is providing this area and the "Service Provider" status as a benefit to members, so providers of services can communicate this information to WeldingWeb members in a structured way.

    If you are selling one-off's, extra's, etc. -- that should take place in the Shop, Trade, Sell Forum (for individuals). This area is specifically for people who are doing business selling welding services, are not a manufacturer and/or dealer, and have gone through the process necessary to be an "approved vendor" with WeldingWeb. Discussions about products or manufacturers should still take place in the respective Manufacturer Product Forum.

    Service Providers receive these benefits:
    * Can advertise and sell your services within the Service Provider Subforum
    * Use your avatar to represent your Service Provider status
    * Use your signature to communicate information about your services
    * Discuss your services in other parts of the WeldingWeb forum when asked, providing a link back to a thread in the Service Provider Subforum. However, spamming other people's threads with unsolicited ads for your products or services will not be tolerated.
    * As in all areas of WeldingWeb, any vulgar/pornographic/racist posts will be removed, and the offending party may be disciplined or banned.
    * All posts on WeldingWeb, including those made to the Service Providers subforum, are subject to moderation by WeldingWeb moderators to enforce these rules.

    WeldingWeb is in no way affiliated with any Service Providers and assumes no responsibility nor any liability for any services sold or offered.

    The investment required to become a Service Provider is $495/year. To become a service provider, contact Michael Madej.

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    Re: NEW Service Provider Subforum

    First one that tries to screw around with this will be dealt with in a swift and just manner.
    This is NOT going to turn into the fiasco that goes on downstairs.

    Trust me.


    I am not completely insane..
    Some parts are missing

    Professional Driver on a closed course....
    Do not attempt.

    Just because I'm a dumbass don't mean that you can be too.
    So DON'T try any of this **** l do at home.

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    Re: NEW Service Provider Subforum

    Thanks zapster.

    On that note. I think it's cool they set up this section on "cyber monday" what a hood way for the WW community to get involved.
    Offering CNC Plasma cutting and welding projects.
    Follow me on facebook

    Support those that support WW.

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