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Thread: In school, looking for work in Massachusetts

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    In school, looking for work in Massachusetts

    So, this might be a long shot, but I'm still going to ask.

    I am currently enrolled in a welding course that covers SMAW welding. By the end of the course, I will have my 3G or 4G certification. The course is starting its third week and we are practicing laying welds in the V's of two angle irons tacked together (hope that makes sense).

    Anyways, I am really enjoying welding and I want to get some kind of related field experience. I am willing to grind metal, clean up, or be a fire watch, or whatever in a shop or as a helper somewhere, as long as it is in a welding environment.

    Do anyone know of places where I could/should look in Eastern Massachusetts? (preferably in the Boston/North Shore area)
    Are any of you looking for a welding helper in that general area?
    Am I getting way too far ahead of myself considering I have only been welding for a couple weeks?

    All opinions welcome, thanks!

    EDIT: I have my own safety gear and some equipment (jacket, gloves, auto-dark helmet, uv safety glases, ear plugs, grinder, wire wheel, grinding wheel, flap wheel, chipping hammer, wire brush) if that makes a difference.
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    Re: In school, looking for work in Massachusetts

    start with local fab companies, then expand outward, once you receive you certs you will have a much better chance,google steel fabrication,boston mass.
    you will get a lot of results,hang in there

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