I have gotten into the habit of saving anything for which I can possibly imagine a use in the future.This is partly because I see the waste, and partly because I can many times save money by repurposing.
I had a toolblock rack that I made several years ago mounted on my lathe. I noticed that the steel dovetails were putting fine scratches in the blocks from the vibration when it was running.I also found a deal on 4 more blocks, and wanted to enlarge my storage rack to accommodate them when they show up.
I decided that the new rack should have dovetails made from plastic so as to eliminate wear and minimize the vibration.I had intended making them out of delrin, or UHMW until I priced what I needed(almost $40 and that was for rems).
I was walking through my woodshop, and noticed some remnants of the composite trim boards I had saved when I built the new deck 3 years ago.As luck would have it, they were already the right thickness and ripped to width. All I had to do was set the saw up at 30 degrees and cut to length.
I angled the mount slightly so that any liquids would drain back into the catch pan, and to make it easier to slide the blocks on and off the dovetails.It works great!!

Before I get flamed for having the rack on the back of the lathe where I have to reach over the workpiece, I always shut down before changing tooling.

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