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Thread: Looking for little welding jobs

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    Re: Looking for little welding jobs

    the exasperation of trying to explain how I got to the point I am is considerable.
    I was 12 years old on a small farm in '82 the frame broke on the tractor, we didn't have much money. welder came with his truck, worked for 20 minutes rolled up his leads, collected 300$ had a beer with my dad both were happy with what was done and the price and he left. WOW my kinda job the following year after working every hour I could for the neighbors shoveling snow, lumping shingles , digging fence posts, I had saved up almost 500$ and bought a harnesfleiger welder with a seized motor. had it running within a week.
    I was going to make me some money (yeah right) remember the welder that came to our farm? well all I saw as a kid was 300$ and 20 minutes everyone happy. very quickly I realized it took skill to make a good weld danged if I wasn't back to the neighbors again doing all the things they didn't want to do to be able to get all the grinding wheels needed and fuel to practice. also I found out that distance equates out to time.
    my dad donated an old car for me to work on a 1939 Cadillac coupe - eventually I sold it like 20 years later there was no rust on the car lolz, just was about 2x as heavy as it should be. had a box steel frame and powered by a 12valve 5.9L cummins, looked kinda cool like something outa mad max.
    I have worked in every major shipyard in the usa and a few in other countries. done live taps on gas lines, worked for others and myself. live in the city. Miss the farm though no traffic, found out that the people that NEED the work and have to budget for it to be done usually will pay no problem as long as the price is decent. the ones who WANT the work to be done will hassle you with payment and jumping through hoops.
    Big Businesses at the end of every year need a place to write profits off as improvements and will hire at a higher rate for a job to be done. The government is the same way. at the end of the budgeted year they have to use up their budget or else they will not get as large of a budget the following year. these are things to consider when finding jobs. during the beginning of a fiscal year these entities previously mentioned if you give them a penny they will squeeze it so tight you can get change.
    also remember-- word of mouth spreads very slow for good work, and faster then the net with bad.
    your neighbor now needs his railing done , has seen you doing welding work, and when he needs some done, will look on his phone for a welder.

    there is google business (free website) can then list the website on yelp, bing utilizes yahoo search, put a 50$ add on adwords express and you are in business.

    be ready for the people that want to optimize your site as (careful Joe we have piranhas in these waters) don't need them
    for example -- SEO person contacted me wanted 2500 per month to optimize my site-my reply was simple guarantee me in writing 10000 a month in revenue and I will be happy to utilize your services. the other reply was hand my phone to my 18 month old daughter and tell her santa wanted to talk with her, she enjoyed that (cheap amusement)
    they finally quit calling me. imagine that.
    have fun with your endeavors, and enjoy yourself, the minute you quit learning is the day you start dying, there are entire buildings devoted to things I don't know, they are libraries (ignorance is bliss sometimes)
    you all have a nice day

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    Re: Looking for little welding jobs

    no such thing. You get " certified" at the jobsite and material needed to be welded. When you leave, that certification is over. Now on a resume you can state " I was certified with this on that" but get ready for the next test for the project at hand.

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