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Thread: Anybody In The Corral Business?

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    Anybody In The Corral Business?

    I was wanting to ask anybody who may know about the pipe fencing and corral business. I haven't seen a whole lot of people offering this service around here although there are a lot of corrals around. I believe there is a large demand for it and was wanting to ask how to market it? How do you market your services? Any pointers on starting a pipe fencing company?
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    Re: Anybody In The Corral Business?

    Most pipe fence is done with used drill stem. New pipe would cost a fortune. I don't know if many people would hire it out. I think most would do it themselves or have a friend who's a welder help them. To hire a rig up here is close to $100/hr. A lot of corral equipment is pre built and just installed at the farm.

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    Re: Anybody In The Corral Business?

    Yep most people use suckerrod, but I have a neighbor who is starting to use fiberglass suckerrod for replacement on barb wire says it is the same price easy to replace and lasts forever.

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    Re: Anybody In The Corral Business?

    I built corrals out of 2-3/8" pipe at my place. It isn't cheap and is a ton of work. I bought new reject pipe. You don't want to use used pipe. Most of it is used until it is not usable anymore and that means it has pin holes and rust issues due to the saltwater that goes through it. My new reject pipe cost me around $35 a joint (31 foot) Used pipe ain't much cheaper.

    There are a ton of modular corral systems these days that are really nice and so much cheaper than building. They even have ones that all fit on a special trailer and can be moved from place to place which is really useful to people running cattle on wheat pasture like they do in Kansas. Check this out
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    Re: Anybody In The Corral Business?

    Here's a guy near me selling these panels for $89.00 . He must have one heck of a fab shop setup.
    Horse/Equine Panels - $89 (Free Delivery All Surrounding)
    Horse/ Equine Round Pen Corral Panels $89 each..12 ft in length
    Rounded Corners or Straight Post..specify when calling
    4 ft walk thru Gates $89
    6 ft walk thru Gates $109
    All Factory Direct, Brand New, Made in the USA

    Round pens
    50 ft $1,246 (13 panels + 4 ft Gate)
    $1,266 ( 13 panels + 6 ft Gate)

    60 ft. $1,424. ( 15 panels + 4 ft Gate)
    $1,444 ( 15 panels + 6 ft Gate)

    Gates of all sizes and weights from 4 ft to 20 ft
    Sheep or Goat Panels
    39 inches in height by 8 ft in length $75 each
    Walk thru Gate $85 each
    4 ft in height by 8 ft in length $85. Each
    Walk thru Gate $97 each

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