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Thread: Tulsa welding school

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    Tulsa welding school

    Anyone attend tulsa welding school? I would really appreciate your opinions of it......instructors, classes, learning environment, job placement afterwards, anything?

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    Re: Tulsa welding school

    You do a keyword search on this site? I don't know much about it, from what I've read of other people's opinions, it doesn't seem to be held in high regard.

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    Re: Tulsa welding school

    Search the forum at this site or the forum at This subject has already been beat to death several times over.

    Tulsa will run $15,000 plus food and housing for 6 months. The only locations are Tulsa or Jacksonville.

    Opinions on graduate placement vary widely.

    Some have gone on to be rig weldors who earn six figures annually but live in hotels or labor camps always on the road. Others have found no work at all or only entry jobs at $12 an hour.

    For aerospace welding, Tulsa is not the best place to go because their focus in on heavy plate and pipe welding. When I worked in aerospace most of the Tulsa grads we hired had to learn from scratch to pass tests on delicate aerospace alloys. I mean, compare the needs of a .750" carbon steel pipe weld to a .030" thick aerospace superalloy weld. The Tulsa grads we wired were always overwelding at first.

    The local community college would cost a tiny fraction of a Tulsa program and would provide college credit to boot that could be used for a certificate or degree in welding.

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    Re: Tulsa welding school

    If you are near the Fla Tulsa welding school the Santa Fe College in Gainesvile offers an outstanding welding program for less money and real transferable college credit. Justa thought if your still considering welding as a trade. Whatever you do though, you should get at least entry level welding training so you can read prints and learn to run a structuraly sound weld bead. Once you have the basics then it is practice practice practice till you get it. Some get it quickly some take a while, but if your persistent you will get it and can make a good and decent living working in the feild. Just remember to take care of yourself and dont take chances and end up hurt or dead. Nobody on that job is gonna look out for you better than you. Just my .02 FWIW.
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