The company i work for just aquired an Miller invision 456P welder with a 60M series wire feeder. problem is only two of us have ever used one and the company we used it at had locked in settings. I'm the only one who has ever set a welder for pulse but the PowerMig 350MP hardly compares to this invision.

We run Argon-5% Oxygen for gas i have .035 and .045 wire at my disposal. i will be welding primarily 7 gauge material and sometimes half inch to the 7 gauge.

If im looking at this right it seems as though i need to set PPS and PWms as well on this machine?? if that is the case i could sure use a run down of how to determine wich adjustments i should make with my PPS and PWms, as well as just some kind of base setting for all my settings wire, peak ect.