I posted this in the hello from ny thread but i need this done asap so PLEASE HELP!

Re: Hello from New York
I am in baldwin , long island and i am in need of someone to weld my custom exhaust in my fiero, i have most of the parts minus some pipes and some 90degree elbows.
I tried a muffler shop near me but they said the muffler wouldnt fit but it fit fine when i held it up under the car in the driveway. The shop wasnt very cooperative anyway. I need to put the car on the lift and show the welder exactly where the muffler lies. They were trying to raise it to high.
I know it can work im copying another fiero owners exhaust exactly.
Id like to get this done near me (baldwin) because the car has no exhaust except for open manifolds. And id like to get it
Done very soon (friday or sunday or monday would be excellent)
I am more than happy to hold things and assist with the exhaust.
Thank you,
Please email or pm me and let me know, if your close to baldwin i can come anytime to show the car and the parts. I am available all hours.
My email is justthelist@yahoo.com