I started out rolling sections of tube with a hand roll bender, the ones that are about $175 on ebay. Rolling by hand got old fast, so I added a gear reducer and foot pedal to it. Then I wore it out. I bought a roll bender with two powered rolls and a manual adjustment that was made for rolling aluminum extrusions for a window company. It works good, but the shafts are 1.125", so its limit is about 1 1/4-1 1/2 square, and 1 1/2" round. I really need to roll 2", and so am looking for a roller with 2" shafts. I do not use this machine daily, but when I need to roll tubes or flats it is real nice to have.
I have used an Eagle CP40, and it fits the bill as far as usage. I have looked at the Eagle, Tauring, et al, as well as the GMC roll benders. The specs all read the same, with some minor differences. All have hydraulic adjustment as well as manual, though I am really only interested in hydraulic.
The GMC rollers are 3-4 thousand dollars less than the others. None seem to be American made. Has any one used any GMC equipment and can comment on its quality. It would be nice to save a handful of thousands, but not if it costs me in quality.