Around late October/ early November I had a guy call me who I had made a bottle opener for at the Grange Fair. he said he was interested in buying another bottle opener and wondered if I could do one with a twist, so I made these three up so he had a selection to choose from.

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With work staying busy with the warm weather this year, I didn't get a chance to forge the openers or get together with him until almost mid December. I took those and all the other openers I had with me so he could pick thru and see what he liked in case he wanted me to try and make something else. Turns out he bought ever single one I brought over for Christmas gifts for friends. The $175 ( plus a pair of alpaca socks his wife makes that he threw in) was nice, but it left me without any back up Christmas gifts for myself...

That left me having to make some new ones after Christmas for gifts when I had time. Last pict shows the texture better than the one on white cloth for some reason.

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